Whether it’s carp, big barbel, predators or silver fish you are after, Simon can offer you a days guiding that will suit the type of tuition and angling you require. Here is a word from him:


Dear angler,


For me, angling is not just a hobby, it is a way of life. It is governed by the seasons, fishing for carp in the spring, summer and autumn then chub, barbel, roach, pike and Perch during the winter. Virtually all of my experience has been built around decades of angling and the great friendships I share with many of the country’s top anglers. After contributing to several magazines and books before sub-editing sections of the well respected Sub Surface Journals, I thought it would be a good idea to put Thames Angling Adventures together to help people of all ages catch more fish. I have experience of fishing all kinds of waters which I am happy to share with you. I have caught some incredible fish from both lakes and rivers over the years, a great deal coming from the Thames and its tributaries. I know the river well from Richmond to Hampton Court as well as some areas on the upper reaches where I have also caught some lovely fish.


Having said that, we never stop learning in this wonderfully absorbing sport of ours so sometimes blanks are inevitable in fishing. There will always be an element of the unknown where we all learn something new on our travels and sometimes the British weather or the wild nature of our quarry will dictate the outcome for us. As anglers we must always understand and respect our environment and the animals around us; we are fishing for wild creatures after all so it should be unpredictable and long may that continue. 


However, whilst the fishing can be sometimes challenging, venue familiarity, swim selection and watercraft are the key ingredients that can tip the balance in our favour. We are lucky to have the option of several magnificent rivers and many beautiful lakes on our doorstep although travelling is not an issue if you would like tuition on a venue that you would prefer or is local to you. As the client, I’m sure you will enjoy your Thames Angling Adventure and I very much look forward to meeting you on the bank”


Simon Hartop.

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Simon Hartop

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